Problem running freeradius


I have just installed the WISP Tool Box on a Centos OS 7. The thing is that at the end of the installation i get errors like:


active: failed 

exit code : control process exited, code=exited status=1 

failed to start FreeRADIUS high performance Radius server

For this Centos i utilized the minimal install. Is there any thing else that i need first before installing the radius? i was following these steps:

I mostly think this error comes out due to the fact that i might be missing something else on the Centos. i would really appreciate the help. Thank you.


Hi Joe,

On the link the WISP packages were mentioned for Centos 5 and Centos 6 so we are not sure if this works in Centos 7. Could you please confirm which installaion package you have used on Centos 7?


Sanjay Kumar.

Hello support,

Well i using the one specified for Centos 6. I thought it would work as well for 7. In this case does it have to be version 6 or can it be the latest release which is 6.8?

I have tried the 6.8, seems like the Radius installed correctly this time. The only thing now is that when i do the final step of pointing a web browser to the IP address, nothing loads on the page. I am in the same network as the server i can ping the Server. Any other steps that must be followed to allow this to be posible?

A solution to this is to tweek the httpd.conf. One must change the line found on: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf ,to:

ServerName ipOfServer

Also one must allow http to pass through firewall so it must be configured from the iptables. That solves the installation of WISP Tool Box on a pure Centos OS.