Problem using DHCP Option 66

Hi Cambium,

I am trying to use DHCP Option 66 to rollout a config change on one of our Cambium 450 sites. I have verified, using packet capture and wireshark, that our DHCP server is including Option 66 in the DHCP offer and it has the correct URL for the server name which is using http. However, I am not seeing any subsequent request to the web server for the related config file. The AP and SMs are all running V14.1.1. I have spent several hours trying to get this to work and would appreciate any advice in case I am missing something here. Should I be seeing a web request for the config file once the DHCP offer and ack have completed?

The SMs are registered using their primary color code and are they using NAT / PPPoE so the DHCP request is for their Remote Management Interface.

Thanks for any help.

Were you ever able to resolve this? Sorry for the lack of response on your initial inquiry...

Just curious on how things are performing with this.

This issue was resolved in firmware V14.2.1

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