Problem with 400c RSSI

Anyone have issues with 400c link RSSI? My one backhaul went from -59 to -73, then went to -65, then to -70 and now -75 today… this is not weather/misalignment related.

No one is having this issue. Cambium has sold a LOT of F400c radios and if this was a common issue you’d see a LOT of people complaining about it. You need to go through the normal troubleshooting steps for a connectorized radio to resolve this issue. If you don’t know how to do that then contact Cambium Support.

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Yes my bad… I read the thread topic as 5.3 firmware causing issues…and yes ticket was submitted along with tech files and support did not find anything.

(I moved this question to its own topic)

Could you please send us Tech Support File and screenshot from eAlign tool?

Thank you.

Hi Fedor, you and I have been in correspondence with and Tech files were submitted.

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