Problem with 5700BH20

Greetings, and thanks in advance for your help!

I have a link between two 5700BH20. The distance is aprox 1.5 miles. Both equipments are installed with a Dish.

The link worked OK for around 4 years. However, in the last months, it frequently falls down. The link falls down when the traffic raises, specially when the weather is hot (I am in Venezuela, ambient temperature often raises up to 35ºC). At night, or when weather is rainy, the link works a little better. 

I have noticed that when I restart the master antenna, it doesn't boot up OK if connected to the network (it's connected to a Cisco 24 ports Switch). It boots up OK when connected directly to a laptop.

Even when the master antenna boots up OK, the link is broken. Sometimes the link is OK, but when I  try to transfer heavy files it falls down.

English is not my native language, I apologize for possible gramatic errors.

That's strange that an FSK BH20 would have issues related to traffic.

Have you checked the Ethernet side for errors? The web interface of both the BHM and BHS, as well as your Cisco switch, will tell you if there are errors.

(Your English is a lot better than some native-speakers!)

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Thanks very mutch for your interest.

I tried connecting both BHM and BHS directly to a laptop, and tried to send a 30 Mb file, and it failed. Sometimes the link falls down even when connected like that, specially when the weather is hot.

However, I asked the networking manager to inspect the whole network in order to find possible failures at this level.

I would like to test the antennas, I'm not sure if it can be a hardware issue. May it be caused for overheating of the equipment? I think it's possible, because at night and in rainy days the link works a little better.



Yes it's certainly possible. Your problem does not sound like thermal layering, since you say the rain helps too. Do you have monitoring on these units? If I recall correctly they should have an SNMP OID for temperature.