Problem with a wireless shot, SW version? Help plz.

Hey guys,

As you remember from my previous thread, I installed an SM900 right on top of an existing one. Neither seemed to effect each other, but theres another problem.

The existing radio link is RSSI 1450 Jitter of 2,3, and 4 Link test 95 to 100% down and up. Its running SW version 7.2.9

The new radio RSSI 1230 Jitter of 2,3, and 4, Link test 64% down and 80% up. Its running SW version 7.3.6.

AP SW version: 6.1

The shot for these radio’s is almost exactly the same . I even tried moving the new on on the side and below the other one, but to no avail. Also tried multiple radios.

What would cause this? The Sw version? i’m really scratching my head on this one.

Thanks for the help!

when in doubt, eliminate as many variables as possible. make both sm’s the same.

also, why are you still running 6.1 on an ap? upgrade all ap’s to 7.3.6. much improvement.

jury is still out on v8…