Problem with antenna alignment

We’re using 1.2 and when we get the initial link it comes up on the V3000-V5000 fine, when we go to enable the antenna alignment it says we need to disable ignition, so we click on the DN and disable the ignition, and diassoc the radio… But then when we enable alignment both of the squares are blank

If we reenable ignition we see the signal on both sides almost immediately, but then after a few seconds it associates and doesn’t seem to be refreshing the alignment anymore…

What are we doing wrong?

Hi CSup,

The alignment will need to be initiated from the V3000.
Is the V3000 configured as a CN or DN?
If GPS is enabled on the V3000, does the V3000 have a 3D fix?
Could you please try configuring a channel override locally on the V3000 and re-launching the alignment?


V3000 CN to V5000 DN

  1. Looking at the alignement on V3000 shows the dot on the map but can’t start because of link up…
  2. From cnMaestro, click disable ignition on the V5000’s link to the V3000
  3. From cnMaestro click send Disassoc for V3000 to the V5000
  4. On V3000 click Start Alignment…
  5. No dot in either of the charts on the alignment anymore.

Confirmed Channel/Polarity still shows as correct on the V3000 under Config/Radio
GPS is enabled though we didn’t check 3d fix but am pretty sure i remember seeing it say it was fixed but can’t 100% guarantee, but like i said per the above steps the link was locked and we sent a disassoc to the working link to start the alignment.

Hi CSup,

If I repeat your sequence as you described, I also fail to see the antenna plot update. If, in this state, with the link dissociated, I then go to the local configuration page and configure the channel (which was not present for me), everything now works:

Also, please note, the reported beam (hexagon location) will not change in operation mode (as opposed to alignment mode) unless the link re-associates or you have Scheduled Beam Adjustment enabled.

Could you please check the channel configuration while the link is down and try again? If this is still a problem, try with GPS disabled. If you still have issues, could you please share your own copy of the screenshots I provided above?


We have an install scheduled tomorrow will ask them to take a look and try to get a picture

still doesn’t work we can see it before we disassoc and start the alignment but once we disassoc and disable ignition and click start alignment nothing…
Before disassoc:

After Disassoc and Disable of Ignition to start alignement:

Just messing with this here as a practice run, had the same issue, I think due to the linguistics of the disassociate command, a popup window would ask which device to send the disassociate I first used the v5000 and the whole operation would go HICP (Hide In Corner Protocol).
When I used the v3000 to send the disassociate things proceeded as I would expect.

WOW. That alignment tool is an utter piece of trash. Clearly the people who built it have never tried to use it, period, full stop.

Fiber Slayer,

You’ll find a video of @JackMac on a mast using this to align a 1.2km link and get MSC 12 using both a PC remotely and cnArcher, we kept the noise of the wind for realism.

Please take a look at the training video 60ghz-cnwave-release-12-alignment-tools at

We will take your comment in to account and look to improve, thank you.

Thank you for the prompt professional reply to my rage induced rant @Antony . There is a fine display in that video at ~3:25 where the radio is moved ‘to the left a little’ resulting in the indicator bouncing around at random. The whole system is bizarrely unresponsive and lacking any advice as to when you have to wait for it to catch up and for how long you should expect to wait.
Yesterday doing a v3000 to v5000 alignment, after finally guessing the correct sequence of what device to send the disassociate I could not get the marker to move in any sort of notable fashion even with wild movements of the dish.

Ok had another kick at the cat yesterday. Alignment tool works ok once you finally get it going. There is a weird slow span of time between when I press disable ignition / send disassociate and when anything useful will appear on screen. Not sure how many times I disassociated anymore and a straightjacket would be needed. Press start alignment and get various complaints that the link is active/link will be dropped/need to to disassociate.
When it finally did play nicely I was already aimed well but managed to move it closer to center and gained 4dB, so yay.