Problem with AP Advantage and Ap running software 7.2.9

I have a cluster with a combination of 4 AP advantage with software 7.2.9 and 2 AP no-advantage. In the first week muy cluster work good but a month ago, since i put the advantage, the sm that register in the adavantage start to experience some problem and the latency increase from 8-15ms to 200ms aprox.

I make a spectrum analyzer and it seems that there is not interference in the air. I dont know if the problem is the incompatibility with AP advantage and AP no-advantage in the same cluster.
All the AP sync with a CMM micro 2.0.8.

I would glad if you can give me some advices.

My email is

Yo uwill need to use the framing calculator in the Advantage AP to change the timing in order to colocate an Advantage AP and a non-Advantage AP. Read the manual and release notes for instructions.