problem with AP locking up when using POE and not CMM


Has anyone had a problem with 9000APC units locking up when you are running them directly connected to a POE adapter and not powered by a CMM? We have two sites that are not using a CMM but the 9000APC units pull timing from the slave 5400BH20 that feeds the site. We have random lock-ups of ONLY these two 9000APC units at these two respective sites. We NEVER have any other 9000APC units lock up at any other site, but the rest of the sites use CMMs.

This has been an on-going problem and I am hoping someone else out there has found a fix for this that does not require putting CMMs at all of these sites.

Anyone have any feedback on this?



We figured out this problem. We were using auto negotiating switches and apparently when they would fall back into half duplex mode it would lockup the ethernet port of the AP. We found that buried in a thread on this forum, so we upgraded the switches to managed switches and set the ports to 100 Full and the AP was already on 100 Full and we have not had a problem at either site at all since we installed the new switches almost a week ago.

I hope this helps someone else who may have run into this problem as well.


It is rare to have any AP lockup. Period. Some obvious things to checkā€¦

AP is on 9.4.2 or above firmware?

Power is very stable at the tower? Does the tower get little surges you perhaps dont know about? I would suggest an Isolation Transformer at the tower to see if that helps.

Paul McCall, Pres
PDMNet Canopy Repair