Problem with Cambium Networks cnWave V5000 DN

Hello, I have a problem with Cambium Networks cnWave V5000 DN. After 5 minutes I can’t get on the radio. It’s not even pinging. Not even a web view. After rebooting, everything runs. And after 5 minutes, I will not connect to it again via the ip address. As if the radio turned off and after rebooting it works for 5 minutes. And so far there is no client connected to the radio. Please advise. Thank you

Hi @Petr_Valenta, welcome to the community.

There may be other members of the community here who can help you, but if you are looking for a response from Cambium, you should raise a support ticket:



Hi Petr,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the V5000. Could you please provide the following screenshot showing the field diagnostic contents from the GUI → Tools → Field Diags. These archive file names contain the reboot reasons:

Also, can you please confirm you are only managing the radio via one of the three Ethernet interfaces?


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Hello guys, I had 5 pcs V5000,40 pcs V1000 and 6 psc V3000. My experience with those products is very bad. If unit V1000 lights up red and link glows alternately green so you need unplug the power supply because its soft. Sure V5000 sometimes disconnects all stations and helped me usually reboot. If you add more units expect more frequent problems. I removed all this products from my networks :frowning:

Hello, and welcome to the Cambium Community. Did you raise support tickets for these issues? I know for certain the engineering team would want to hear all the details.

Hello David,

Sorry to hear this, have you raised a support ticket? I would like to get the team to take a look at your network and see what issues you are having and how we can help.

Ideally details like software version, and field diags would be ideal and we’ll be keen to solve this.