Problem with cnMaestro on_premises

Onboarded 1477 devices. Problems began after one thousand of devices. In the beginning, there were small problems with authorization. Sometimes it was required to enter login and password twice or three times. With the increase in the number of devices, the problem manifested itself in the form of inability to connect the device to the server. Some time was helped by a reboot. A month ago, the server actually stopped working. I made changes to kernel configuration, nginx, postgresql and updated mongodb. Now the server works stably for about an hour, then problems with authorization begin, but it is possible to gain access after some time. Yesterday I tried to install a new version of cn Maestro. It stopped responding as soon as it attempted to connect more than a thousand deices. Operating system continues to respond to requests and if enabled ssh, it can connect without any problems.

Configuration of virtual machine:

VMware ESXI 6.0

4 vCore


HDD - high priority (Shares value - 2000, IOPs - Unlimited)

vSwitch - independent with 2 up-link

Thanks for providing all details, we will try this out in our lab and get back to you soon.

But we haven’t seen any issue with EsXi server as we also use the same in our environment.

We may ask more details about your environment to re-create this issue.



could you please send me a private message with techdump of both NOCs?

I sent you a private message with links to the cloud storage. Two dump files and old server configuration files. If necessary, I can provide access via web and ssh.

I am corious on how you start manually mongodb

Is it like this?

# service mongod status

# service mongod start

And how do you know mongdb run normally after restart

Because my friend encounter problem which is GUI unavailable even after restart mongodb, unles he restart the server


Hi nbctcp -- you can restart mongo by executing "sudo service mongod restart", but we would be  interested to understand how the system got into the current state, and what happens when the GUI is unavailable (it doesn't run; you can't log in). Can you also let us know the version of cnMaestro; the number of devices managed; the types of devices; and the virtual hardware configuration.