Problem with CNUT Refresh/Discover

There appears to be a problem with CNUT or the new firmware (may have occurred with 7.1.4). In CNUT, under EDIT/PREFERENCES if you select the check box for “Gather SM passwords and extract IP address and SNMP settings” and then do a VIEW Refresh/Discover Entire network (with all auto detected SMs removed so you can build a fresh list) you get the following error: NE at “ip address” not responding to SNMP Query. Check SNMP configuration for element. (each SM takes about two minutes). We did a packet capture on the network and found that CNUT is not sending the SNMP community name with the Query. The work around is to not check the option for Gather SM Passwords… The problem is that if any SMs have older firmware, you cannot access them directly to upgrade them individually. This is greatly impairing our ability to upgrade to 7.2.9. Is anyone else experiencing this problem.

Thank you.

Bill, Jr.