Problem with Country Code

i have a problem with 2 epmp…i cant change country code, after reboot any country code is set. I tried upgrade to 1.4.3 and downgrade to 1.3.4 but now gui dont work properly.

Thanks for help


Can you send us screen-shot? Also can you verify and send us the LAN MAC address of the ePMP radio? Can you also send the model number of radio?

We assume this is ETSI radio, you would need a license key to switch the country code. (This is for ePMP AP only.)

Thanks Corey,

just is possible i’ll send you a screen-shot and LAN MAC. The problem is that i can’t put country code. (the form hasn’t field where usually i put them).

However, if i choose one ETSI country (ePMP is EU) after reboot they doesn’t save the configuration.

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