Problem with DHCP option 66 in PMP 100

Hi, I wanted to consult you about the configuration of option 66 in PMP 100 with version 13.4.1. I have tried following the steps mentioned in the forum with both a dhcp server windows and Mikrotik without being able to get it to take the configuration. In Wideshark I can see how the dhcp offers the package but I do not see it being taken by SM. I have tested with the golden canopy.cfg format and with mac.cfg. Also tested by ftp and http without satisfactory results. I have tried activating and deactivating the ICC option. I wanted to know if anyone has had experience of this with PMP100 or if it only works for PMP450, thank you very much.

The problem was that I had configured the SM in NAT and not in bridge as it should be in order for it to work.


Thanks for figuring this out and posting your solution.  It might help others that run into a similar situation.