Problem with ePMP1000


Im having a problem with some of the ap-s.They do not keep the firmware version 2.6 and it goes to version 2.0.How can we solve this problem ?

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First of all it is important to find out reason why AP is dropped to 2.0.

I can assume 2.0 is stored in Inactive Bank.

It may happen when Firmware in Active bank is corrupted.

Please check in CLI output for next command:

debug crashlog

And try to upgrade device to 2.6 Release two times in row to make 2.6 stored in both Banks.

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which crediencal i should use to run that command ?

Please use admin username and password used for UI access.

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I get in with those credencial but the command debug Crashlog it's not recognise by the device.

it is not available in 2.0 Release but it works in 2.6.

Please just try to upgrade device 2 times in row to 2.6 Release.

Thank you.

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thank you for your support.

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