Problem with fetching information from NBI

Good day,
I have a question regarding NBI interface. Our company use prizm as NMS and we use vlans to connect our clients. All I have as a starting point is IP address of SM.
By using sample script I managed to fetch Name, Mac when I search by IP. We do not use any customers IDs and so on. Just network elements.
What I need to do is to fetch information from prizm such as vlan, speed and colorcode that are stored in prizm. Could anybody help?

Anyone is still exist? This is Motarolla’s forum or just Open Source Community?

That what your support staff wrote me:

“Hi Kamil,

Information about color code of the radio is protected by the radio and not exposed to the management system, so you will not be able to get this information via NBI.

I am not able to give you more information regarding how to modify the script.

Please open a query on the forum, I was advised by Product Engineering that’s the way NBI - Prizm SDK issues are supported. This way you will receive support directly from Product Engineers. Unfortunately I can’t do more regarding your case apart from referring yourself to the forum at .

Please confirm case closure.

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Kate Rozik

If you are able to pull something like a MAC address of the SM it is trivial to pull all of these details from the database directly.

For example, this is what I have currently in my web lookup tool:

SELECT nodemgr_element_attribute.management_ip AS mot_cpe_ip, bam_sm.bandwidth_uplink_sustained_rate AS mot_cpe_ul, bam_sm.bandwidth_downlink_sustained_rate AS mot_cpe_dl, bam_sm.vlan_untagged_ingress_vid AS mot_cpe_vlan, bam_sm.bandwidth_uplink_burst_allocation AS mot_cpe_ul_b, bam_sm.bandwidth_downlink_burst_allocation AS mot_cpe_dl_b, bam_sm.ap_mac_address AS mot_ap_mac, nodemgr_element_attribute.rf_rate AS mot_cpe_rate FROM nodemgr_element_attribute, bam_sm WHERE bam_sm.sm_mac_address = ‘" . $this_sm . "’ AND nodemgr_element_attribute.mac_address = bam_sm.sm_mac_address LIMIT 1;

SELECT nodemgr_element_attribute.management_ip AS mot_ap_ip, nodemgr_element_attribute.site_name AS mot_ap_nm, nodemgr_element_attribute.rf_sector_id AS mot_ap_sid, nodemgr_element_attribute.rf_frequency AS mot_ap_freq, nodemgr_element_attribute.rf_color_code AS mot_ap_color FROM nodemgr_element_attribute WHERE nodemgr_element_attribute.mac_address = ‘" . $this_ap . "’ LIMIT 1;

There is a ton of other information on devices in the nodemgr_element_attribute table too. If you’re running PostGRESQL I have found pgAdmin to be very helpful. For MySQL PHPMyAdmin has served me well :slight_smile:

Thank you.