Hi Cambium I have a question.

I have a CPE 5 GHz Force 300-25 Radio connected to an ePMP3000, both with firmware 4.4.3. The MCS vary, but the QAM on the downlink is at 256. The problem I don't understand is: why are the quality and capacity of the CPE so low? They have never reached 100%. On the other hand, I have an F200 connected to an ePMP2000 and the values are much more stable. What is the cause of that?

I have attached the screenshots of the 2 cases.

Your SNR is 12db better on the Force 200. Looks like you have interference on your 5525MHz channel.

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Check your F300 with eDetect. I am betting you are seeing interference or possibly near line of sight issues. Never underestimate a home wifi AC enabled router with AC gear, depending on the location you can pickup that router from behind the dish!