Problem with printer and other devices

We are installing cnPilot E400 and we are having  problems to connect some devices to that access points, for example the  case more  weird is that we cannot add a printer to the cnPilot, and  when choose the security open of wifi can connect the printer, but if  choose wpa2 it is imposible to connect the printer being certain that the  password is correct, We relise that we can choose only wpa2 and not wpa only. Do you know which could be the problem?. Thank you. Regards

The problem may arise from the password containing characters that one or another implementation of wpa2 may reject.  If you haven't already, try setting WPA2 passkey to something very simple, like abcdefgh.  All alphanumeric, no punctuation or spaces.


Hello, thank you for your answer, the password only have alphanumeric characters, and one thing curious is that the printer was connected and working with a router cisco linksys with the same password and with wpa2. Also with the access points E400 We are having problems adding a music system brand Sonos. Do you have any idea why is happening that? 

Set the client isolation to off. You'll find it on the WLAN setting.

We set three access points cnPilot E400 Software Version
  and we can not connect the printer to a WiFi network. For the password we used, for example, the following set of characters: ap596Vt9 or other similar. The printer is not connected.

Do you know which could be the problem?


Hope you are using WPA2-PSK security and AES is enabled by default. The printer might be using WPA2-TKIP / WAP-TKP. From the AP cli please enable TKIP encryption,

E400-AE28E4(config)# wireless wlan 1
E400-AE28E4(config-wlan-1)# allow-tkip 
E400-AE28E4(config-wlan-1)# save

In the mean time, please share AP tech dump. 

On an individual WLAN 2 it works. On the main WLAN 1 - is not working. Not connection. How to disable TKIP.

Where it is necessary to put or send AP tech dump?


Printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3520


please send AP tech dump to my mail id,

WIth Regards,


It is impossible to download AP tech dump from our device. The file is always downloaded as damaged


Amazon Echo as the same can not connect to the access points


It was possible to download the AP tech DUMP only through cnMaestro. I sent by e-mail


Did you manage to see AP tech dump? What decisions can be made?


Which means the following lines in the log:
07:12:50.953: wifid : notify msg type CMB_NOTIFY_MSG_TYPE_ROAM[1] received (cache.c:1551)
07:12:50.953: wifid : Client[00-CE-05-9D-C4-46] roamed away; hs[(nil)], ci_sess[(nil)] (cache.c:1567)
07:15:30.839: wifid : notify msg type CMB_NOTIFY_MSG_TYPE_ROAM[1] received (cache.c:1551)

The client can not connect?