Problem with SM's Port Mapping

Hi ,

we have started testing voip’s services, i think we will use this scheme :

ISP Network–> Sm Nat Mode --> Switch :
–>Ata (linksys) Pap2
–> End .-User -Lan

On Sm we have firmware 8.22,I have Turned On remote web management on Pap2 (port 80) and defined port mapping (port 80 UDP and TCP) on the Sm .

The problem is that when i try to enter (from the ISP-Network(our NOC)) to the pap2 web page the browser (explorer and firefox) cannot open completly the page.

The Browser open only a part of the page, just the logo of Linksys e some text lines , but hyperlinks remain unclichables.

If i do the same from end-user-lan everythink work correctly.

I can’t understand why it happens, maybe i have to map other port then 80 ?