Problems in RFC Testing in Force 200

Estimates can help me since I have problems running my RFC tests with 64 and 128 packets do not happen on ePMP force 200 devices configured in ePTP Master and ePTP Slave

If I run tests of saturation of 50 to 90 Mbps passes the traffic without problems but the RFC not good results with packages of 64 and 128

the CPU in the devices become a limiting factor.  

to achive 90 mbps with 128 bit packets, you need 100,000 packets per second, that well past the packet proccessing ability of these radios.   to get that kind of PPS you'll need to get into the bigger PTP radios.  

I belive the EPMP line is good for 40,000 PPS   ( NOT possitive here, cambium?) 

at 40,000 PPS, you can expect to see 39 mbps with 128 bit frames, and  19.5 mbps with 64 bit frames. 

normal TCP frame size is 1500 bytes,  only need 18,000 packets persecond to reach 200 mpbs, the max spee the epmp can handle in perfect conditions. 

Thank you very much for the reply I understand that with this in PMP configurations the behavior in much smaller than this if so in PTP has that performance regards