Problems on PTP810 device

Dear everyone,

I have one problem ralating to PTP810 link with following symptom:

- Site A of the link is unable to update far end information such as: Tx Power, RSL, Remote IP

- Can not ping from this site to another site.

- In the past, the link was up and we didn't change anything.

Please see attached screenshot.

Please help this problem!

Thank so much!

I'm not seeing a screen shot.

Can you please repost?



I am sorry.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!

I see.

What alarms are shown when you left click on the red alarm box in the Java applet on the right hand side of the web page?

The currently active alarms may help us understand what's wrong.

The alarm history may provide us with clues as well. This is in another web page--drill down and see if that helps.

How long has the link been up and running before this sympotom started?


Dear David,

The alarm raised about 2 day ago, the earlier,  it is good link.

Please see attached screenshot.

If you need anything, you can request me. 

Thank you so much!

I send additional image.



Let me have a look.

Please give me a few minutes.


OK. I'm not done looking at the images yet, but I can see that you're running this link very hot.

We really need to consider your link plans, but I don't recommend running a PTP 810 link with receive levels higher than -30 dBm.

Can you please try reducing the Transmit power at each end from 28 dBm to 13 dBm? That will probably bring the receive level to -35 dBm.

It appears that the receiver is saturating; the received power appears to be too high. If this link were like two people talking to each other, they'd be shouting so loudly that neither person could hear the other. I suggest turning down the volume so that each end can hear the other.

Let me finish looking at the rest of your alarm history as well.

I hope this helps!


The previous suggestion should get your link back up and running, but I have a few other concerns:

(If the previous suggestion doesn't help immediately, try removing and reapplying the power to each MMU. The link should come back up with lower transmit and receive power levels.)

1. The ODU Comm Failure occurs when there are communications and/or power problems between the PTP 810 MMU and PTP 810 ODU.

I suggest that you verify the IF cable connections from the MMU to the lightning protection unit to the IF cable going up the tower to the lightning protection unit to the ODU.

Verify that your lightning protection units aren't causing these failures. Make sure that your IF cable hasn't been damaged. Inspect the connectors for shorts or opens.

2. The PTP 810 doesn't support Adaptive Modulation; the PTP 810 can be configured for adaptive modulation, but keep in mind that this implementation is not hitless or errorless.

Cambium Networks suggests using only fixed modulation for the PTP 810.

3. Finally, I suggest that you send your LINKPlanner file to Cambium Networks customer support--they'll help you determine how to configure your link to match your LINKPlanner estimate. (If you haven't used LINKPlanner, I suggest you send in the path study from the program you used to plan this link. We understand Pathloss, Microplanner, etc. output as well.)

I hope this helps!