Problems with CMM and 900Mhz AP with 6.1??

We just recently upgraded a cluster of 900 APs to 6.1. We haven’t turned on Hardware Scheduling yet.

We’ve noticed problems with the CMM and these newly upgraded APs. Sporadically, the CMM seems to lose its ethernet link to all of the APs in the cluster. The quick fix has been to reboot the CMM. After rebooting via the web-page, all the links come back up fine. The only things that have changed are the 6.1 upgrade and a half->full duplex setting on the router connected to the CMM via a 3rd party ethernet switch.

Has anyone else experienced the CMM “losing it’s mind” and dropping all the links?


I had a similar issue with a CMM gen2 that was resolved after upgrading the supporting UPS (the old unit was clipping voltage).

6.1 don´t is for 900mhz radios, only can operate 5,2 5,7 radios… for 900mhz can use version 6.0 release,

I’m not sure if javifull is saying that 900MHz Canopy can not use release 6.1 or that he (or she, I guess) is advising against it. Either way I disagree.

6.1 does (obviously) work on 900MHz radios, and although going from 6.0 to 6.1 was not nearly as significant an upgrade as 4.x.x to 6.0, it still made my life with Canopy better.

To address the origional issue of this post, I would recomend (if you have not done already) locking the speed and duplex on everything. Auto has given me fits before, its just one less decission that you can make for the equipment, not the other way around.

Tried a ton of things (including hardcoding the speed/duplex). Turns out 6.1 on the advantage hardware requires a little more current than 4.2.3. We were running at the length limits on both the ethernet runs and the runs to power the CMM.

Mot seems to be helping us out on this one. Thanks for everyone’s replies.

Yes, 900 MHz will draw a little more current on 6.1 than 4.2.3. I am betting that you ran a fairly long 12 AWG up to the CMM Micro. Change this to 10 AWG and it should fix your problem.