problems with Motorola Canopy GUI

Hi all, I have two modules 5400AP and 5450AP. I tried restart both with the mechanical key (RJ11 6 pin). I can ping it, but when I trying to get on web GUI, isnt possible, why ??

Thanks for answer.

Do you have proxy’s enabled on your web browser? If so add 169.* to the ignore list. Also, after pinging the unit type arp -a from a command prompt to make sure you are actually pinging the unit and not something else.

yes, proxy is enable and I am conecting by UTP cable directly into the module. But I will try it, please wait :smiley:

oooh, my god, I am stupid. I was read the documantations again and again…
and then I find that the key RJ11 must be IN when I tried to go to GUI :oops:

For now, I’s all right.

Thanks all Motorola team support