Problems with onboarding

We have been using cnArcher for a couple of months now, and we seem to have a lot of problems with various phones with the cnmaestro onboarding stage.

I am still gathering data from our technicians to see where it gets stuck and any erros they get.

One we just tested in our lab got stuck right after the stage where we enter in the SM name, etc.

I see it connected to the AP from the AP itself, but nothing in cnMaestro. eventually got the error: ERROR IN GETTING CLAIM SATUS FROM CNMAESTRO ON SM. ERROR: AGENT TIMEOUT.

Our techs are reporting getting stuck in a few spots, but always with some stage of cnMaestro onboarding.

Has anyone else had problems at this point?

For reference, we are using a golden config file that pushes a few settings into the unit, like management and traffic VLAN.

We are on the latest 15.2 firmware.


The app sets the Wi-Fi connection to a static IP in the 169.254.1.x network when it wants to talk to the SM, and changes to DHCP when it wants to talk to cnMaestro. For this to work properly, please make sure yoy do not connect to the Wi-Fi networks using Android's Wi-Fi settings screen, but rather using the app's Wi-Fi settings page.

To see if this is causing your problem, please follow these steps.

1. Open Android Wi-Fi settings and "Forget" the SSID of the dongle.

2. Open cnArcher, select "Wi-Fi" from the menu, set it to "Let cnArcher manager Wi-Fi", select the SSID of the dongle and connect. Enter a Wi-Fi pasword if needed. You can leave the "Static IP" as

Now, retry the SM install, and see if it still fails. If it does, use the "Report a bug" option to send us the debug logs.

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Did you come across any solutions? I cannot get CNMaestro to onboard SMs through CN archer at all.

@AndyB-airband, to debug why the SM is not getting onboarded into cnMaestro, it would be helpful to isolate the problem to either the SM configuration or the mobile device's connectivity to cnMaestro.

When you navigate to the cnMaetro UI's Onboarding queue, do you see the SM?  It should be at the top of the table.  If so, this implies that the SM was properly configured and has network connectivity to connect to cnMaestro.  The problem lies in the mobile device's connection to cnMaestro to initiate the onboarding command.

On the other hand, if you do not see the SM in the onboarding queue, then the debug should focus on determining if the SM has the correct configuration so that it can establsih a network connection to cnMaestro.  From the SM's UI, you should be able to run a ping test to cnMaestro, DNS lookup test to make sure gateway/DNS IPs are configured correctly, view the SM's "device agent" (cnMaestro) log, etc on the SM.  Refer to the knowledge base article below for some debug tips.