problems with v14 template

Apparently v14 was released in the last day or so, and cnMaestro import now requires v14 and won't accept v13.

Anybody else having problems with v14?

I get an error about maxEIRP not being populated, but the sheet is protected and I can't populate it.  And it is supposed to be an info only cell.

I tried just ignoring the error message but then I run into another problem when I click Import.  It gets rejected saying User ID cannot be blank, but it isn't blank, in fact that field is automatically filled in by cnMaestro based on the account settings, you can't even edit that field.

This is stopping me from adding SMs, I assume it would also stop adding sectors.  I guess I could try the non-spreadsheet method but that is very labor intensive.

Ken - I am pasting in your reply to this situation from another email, as I want to ensure that customers aren't hesitating to use the current supported version.

@Ken Hohhof wrote:

An engineer from Cambium called me and did a screen share and walked me through the import problem I was having.  It worked so it was probably a cockpit error on my part.

In the process I learned that you can preapprove the onboarding of the SM before the tech installs it, I guess that was maybe obvious but I thought I had to wait until the status went to waiting for approval.  This is good because the tech doesn’t need me to click something.

Can’t complain about the support.