Problems with XV2-2 devices

We have many cnPilot E4XX/E5XX wifi devices installed, and they are working fine, but now We bought three XV2-2 for start to migrate to wifi 6, but they are giving many problems with devices connected to the wifi, impossible to listen music with Sonos devices, impossible to watch TV via streaming (netflix etc), impossible to have a training course with computer, and problems with other devices. The reason is always the same disconnect or failed to connect with Unspecified Reason.

We have an open ticket in cambium support for some month, but We tried to make the recommended changes and still have the Unspecified Reason on the devices that make many disconnections.
Has anyone had the same issues and been able to resolve them?

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Hi. I have a xe3-4, but I had one unit connecting/disconnecting all the time. I solved it by unticked(disabled) the Proxy ARP option in your wlan config.

I believe this is on by default.

Hope your problem is solved quickly. I know the frustration.


maybe it is a problem with wifi6 compatibility.
Please enable wifi5 only on xv2-2 and check it again.


Hello, We enable only wifi5 and also disable Proxy Arp and the problem still happening

We have a support ticket (with id: 358461) but still have a solution.

Any idea why we have those Unspecified Reason?


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Hmm… what is your wlan config?

We are checking the support ticket (with id: 358461) and update you ASAP.

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Hello, after the modifications of ticket 358461, starts happening again, Unspecified Reason (Client sent disassoc)

Do you Know why We have this problem?

Hello, have you found a solution ?
I’m facing the exact same issue as you causing WIFI disconnection…

Hi @Yan-Emanuel_Leger
What is the firmware version the AP is running?
Can you share the capture of the logs here?