Product Request - PMP 450 MicroPoP Connectorized CBRS

Not sure if something like this should be posted here, or elsewhere, let me know.

Being in a low population density rural area, it’s been a struggle to justify the expense of CBRS based deployments. Given our market, PMP 450m simply does not fit. We do have a PMP 450i deployment, however the cost / subscriber has proven to be to high and we do not anticipate deploying more at this time. However, I did notice that 5ghz has received a new product in the PMP 450 MicroPoP connectorized Fixed Wireless Access Point. If this same form factor were packaged for CBRS the potential return on investment would be substantially better for these markets and we could deploy more. Are there any plans on making a 3ghz version? I would note that the license would need to support further distance (Maybe 5 miles?) but could easily have the same 20 subscriber limit.

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I moved this to the CBRS forum, because I think more folks might see it here…

This is a great place to put these thoughts out there, and I would love for others to chime in. I have discussed this topic with other customers, and we are trying to prioritize our R&D team to undertake the most valuable and needed programs for our customers. Thank you for posting this.

As of right now, the team is underway with more than they can handle, but we are scoping this program to see if and when we might be able to do something. Stay tuned.

@CambiumMatt appreciate the response! Please do! What I looked into on the PMP 450 MicroPoP Connectorized in 5ghz, it appears it may be based on the 450b chip rather than the 450i. This was another plus in why I’m interested in this product. If I’m not mistaken, the tx power could potentially be 29dB vs the 25dB on the 450i. Being able to get a lower cost product, with 4dB more transmit power, and built in GPS would makre this product so much easier to justify deploying, even with a cap on distance / subscribers.