Profile can't show the site name ....

I am using Linkolanner V5.2.1 ....

Profile can't show the site name , please help ....

Thanks a lot !!


Click Tools -> Options and select the Reports tab. Then choose a font that supports the character set that you are using.



Thank you !! But it doesn't work ....

I've changeed all th fonts , still ...

Any other way ??  thanks for your help ......

If possible, can you please send your LINKPlanner file to

What character set are you using? (You appear to be using a Taiwan character set, but I must confess, I'm making an educated guess.)

Are there any other character sets you could use?

I hope this helps!


You great , thank you !!!!

Here is the file ...!BUMRUYRK!ds1KANI2W8blNKGSRLagDVneZwWT4BmzDmNKsm9TBeU

I've contacted some of our sales and engineering staff in your region to see if they have any suggestions.

Thank you for your patience!


Thank you ~~

Any information .... ?

... 2019.12.20

You were included in an email thread with the Cambium team in your region last week. They suggested Tahoma, did you try it?



I've spent a bit of time looking at this and there are a couple of issues with the underlying graph library that use that prevent it from displaying the fonts correctly and there are similar issues with the PDF library.

The first issue is that it isn't recognising user installed fonts. So if I install additional fonts that contain the necessary glyphs them I am unable to select them in LINKPlanner, since they are not recognised as valid fonts.

If I patch LINKPlanner so that I can set the required font then the library still represents the characters as boxes.

We'll keep investigating to see if we can fix this in a future release, but unfortunately there is no work-around for the problem at the moment and it may be several releases before we are able to find a solution.



Tahoma .... doesn't work !!

You could  try these two different fonts ....「Google map」、「Google map」

Thanks for your help ~~

「Get profile from server ....」

Server side problem ?!