Propagation Time

I corrected and added in all of our network to CnHeat, Finished last night and only 2 of the propagations are complete. What is the average timeframe for these?
It appears you cannot submit complete a BDC export until thats completed

So the BDC exports are unrelated to the regular cnHeat predictions. They can run independently. There is no dependency between the two.

Regarding your issue it seems we introduced a bug on Friday that affects a handful of customers.

Jobs where there are special characters in the site name (e.g. parenthesis) were being improperly submitted to the queue and will show as either Pending or Canceled. This applies to both jobs submitted to the regular cnHeat queue or those for BDC exports.

(You will notice that the two jobs that were successful had no parentheses in the Site Name.)

This issue has been resolved, but it will require you to resubmit each of these jobs.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any other comments or questions.


Youd think with the number of times ive had issues with applications over the years getting angry at my naming conventions that i would have learned my lesson by now

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I cam here to ask about this. Had Coverage jobs still “Pending” since August 24. Resubmitted them today and they have completed.

How long does the merge process take. Its been sitting in Pending state for a few hours now

@maxwire, the merge process has a 36 hour timeout. And for some of our largest customers we have seen them hit this limit. For your network I would expect 18 hours or less.