Proper Grounding of Reflector & Surge Suppressor?

RE: Grounding of Reflector & Surge Suppressor.
Question - can the reflector and surge suppressor share a ground?

I see a conflict with this configuration. (Answering my own question, I realize they both cannot share a ground path)

I have yet to see a comment on proper grounding of Reflector and Surge Suppressor, what does Motorola Canopy suggest for grounding the two?

What experiences have others had?

I have seen pictures of SM’s with no reflector having the Aluminum mount not grounded, although Canopy suggests grounding. Does anyone actually ground this type of mount? If so, questions above apply?

Replies are appreciated, Thank You!

Yes, the grounds should be tied together.

MOTOROLA TECH SUPPORT: Please respond to this issue! I’ve just spent the last hour or two typing in a detailed explanation of lightning protection, grounding systems, and how the National Electric Code addresses the issue. I clicked Submit and lost my work because I’d been logged out. Is this the same level of attention-to-detail that gets your customer’s in trouble with manual updates, and then upset when you force them to use CNUT? At this point you may wonder which issue I want you to resond to.