Proportional Scheduler?

Hi Guys,

I am not sure if I am doing this incorrectly; however I assumed if it was set as "Enable Below Threshold", it would only enable when the modulation is below the threshold x4.

As you can see in my image, the modulation is 8x and 8x however the slots percentage is 0.0%

Surely this should only happen if the modulation drops below 4x?


 "Enable Below Threshold" means when the SM's modulation goes below the configured threshold modulation 

you are locking the SM to threshold modulation. What it does is  say SM's threshold modulation is configued at 4X and SM is currently operating at 2X  ( for example bad RF). In this case AP will be  allocating slot resources ( more bandwidth) to SM as if it is  operating at 4X, even though it’s operating at 2X

I would like to investigate why slots percentage is showing 0%, Could you please collect engineering.cgi files from AP and corresponding SM and send it to

To collect engineering.cgi you need to acess http://<AP or SM IP>/engineering.cgi.