Protocol Filter Report from cnMaestro

One of the items that was very useful from Wireless Manager was the ability to pull all configuration information from SM’s to compare configurations and catch any mis-configurations.
ie. Missing Protocol filters for PMP SM’s

So far I have not been able to find a way to pull this information from cnMaestro reports or API.
Any idea if this is possible?

Aside from an SNMP get?


This is possible in the device level Configuration tab by clicking the “View Device Configuration” link. The ability to do this via the API is on the roadmap.

Eh, we just reapply the protocol filters in mass via cnmaestro since they are uniform for all SMs.

Unfortunately that requires a reboot on all of the radios.
If there are only a few out of a thousand, if sure would be nicer to only do those.
Looking on each device is not practical.

Any idea on an ETA of that roadmap feature :slight_smile:

Martin, are you looking for the ability to pull the current configuration from devices in order to examine them offline with your own scripts or are you looking for a feature that can do this comparison within cnMaestro?

Off-line would be fine. Into a spreadsheet and then identify mis-configured SM’s

However, I have used different EMS’s that allowed you to pull config items into a spreadsheet like browser screen. Filter/sort columns and put a check box beside the required item.
Then apply a config template to the checked items.

That would be the ideal solution and a great feature in cnMaestro. Hint Hint :slight_smile:

Either would be great however.


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Just my 2 cents here. I’d love to see cnMaestro generate a SM performance sheet very similar to the best serving sector analysis in Link Planner. LP would do theoretical performance, and a similar export from Maestro would verify actual performance.

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Martin, Dave,

Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding downloading device configurations via the API, the current plan is the provide the configuration file as exported by the device, which is JSON for PMP and ePMP. A script could parse this out to CSV file for manual review although at that point you could just have the script perform the analysis for mis-configurations.

Regarding the requests for configuration template generation via a spreadsheet-like tool and Link Planner-like SM performance reports, I highly recommend adding those to the ideas section of the community and share the links here for increased visibility and for other people to upvote. Project managers use that help plan roadmaps for new features.