Protocol Filters

Just to make sure I understand this right. According to the System User Guide if I check the Following box under Packet Filter Configuration: All Other IPv4 it will block the following:

BootP Client
BootP Server
IPv4 Multicast
User Defined 1, 2, 3

Is this correct?

My guess is that it would block ALL traffic attempting to enter the network through the SM.

I am about to do the same, and was just reading the documentation. From what I understand, and someone who has done this please confirm it before jmoore and myself shoot our feets off, that by checking any items under the “All IPv4” heading, will only block those protocols.

If you check the “All IPv4” box itself, it would block All IPv4. If you leave it unchecked and check SMB, it would dissallow SMB traffic but let everything else through.

The interface is confusing me. Perhaps I am just tired. :?

When in doubt, try it.