Protocol Independent Multicast Support


I wanted to confirm if the E400 AP supports Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM)? Thanks.


no pim support, only igmp snooping support and option to convert multicast to unicast.

Are there any plans to introduce PIM support?


Is there any plan to introduce PIM support in cnPilot? At least on WiFi 6 series?

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Hi, we currently do not have any plans to support any multicast routing protocols (PIM or DVMRP). I must say it is a very unique request to have a multicast routing protocol support on an wifi access point, multicast membership protocol (IGMP and MLD) support is common but not multicast routing. Can you please share the details of your use case?

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I know, it is very specific. We have a case for a hospital that have monitoring devices on patients, that communicate with central monitoring station via multicast. In some scenarios is IGMP enough, but sometimes, there can’t be the same network on WiFi and on monitoring station.
I would prefer that all communication would be done with unicast, but what can I do?

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EDIT: Looks like we don’t need PIM support. Just IGMP and MLD in WiFi 6 series.

IGMP has been supported for a very long time. With the new 6.4.1 firmware release, MLD is fully support so you should be good to go.