Provide Service to All Possible Customers with cnHeat Webinar

Service providers need accurate RF planning services to predict optimal install locations, optimize site deployments and avoid failed truck rolls. Dan Sullivan, Director of RF Planning, and Seth Poche, Global Services Technical Consultant, host this webinar and answer questions about cnHeat.

If you have any questions, contact Dan Sullivan at

This webinar goes over a new cnHeat LOCATE enhancement planned to be released this month. 

cnHeat LOCATE heat maps now allow the user to move an SM height slider from 1' to 80' to see what is the optimal location and height to install for a customer.  1' shows all coverage at 1' and below, 2' shows all coverage at 2' and below, and so on to 80'.  A customer service representative can set expectations within a couple of minutes for install options when a customer calls requesting service.

Users can change from this height mode to an RSSI mode to see the RSSI value.  An RSSI slider is being introduced that will allow the user to specify maximum RSSI shown on the heat map.  RSSI colors now change gradually so you can see what the expected RSSI value is down to 1 dB resolution. 

Thus, the heat maps let you see coverage by height or RSSI.

If you click on the map, all APs within a certain distance are shown along with their RSSI value.