Proxmox-friendly distribution of cnMaestro

A lot of WISPs are using Proxmox as a virtualization platform. Please make a distribution of cnMaestro that loads well into Proxmox. There are currently a lot of steps to make it happen that are prone to human error, not to mention changing of how things work.

Here is an example of some instructions to make it work.

The process to import the VM appliace into Proxmox was quite really easy. Just prepare the VM (4GB RAM, 1 vnic card, 80GB HDD space) and then import it from local file. Few minutes and you are done.

I have had multiple people come to me for help on this, so there must be some  amount of human error likelihood.

The counter for the process being so easy is, if it is so easy why doesn't Cambium just do it?  ;-)

Have you done this on a recent proxmox setup? The thread you mention has some flaws when it comes to the more recent versions of proxmox. 

I agree with Mike. It's a huge pain to import cnMaestro into the KVM-based hypervisor that we use. Doable, but having to bring the provided image into VMWare Player on my desktop, boot it up, upload the individual VMDK files, then attach them manually to a new VM is annoying. I'm OK with doing that once, but the problem I have is that every few versions of cnMaestro need you to export your data, blow away the old VM, bring in a new OS image, then re-import your data.