PRTG and current bandwidth use

Hello everybody.

I installed a wireless network whose most of its devices are Canopy APs and SMs. I was very interested in monitoring the current bandwidths used in wireless transmissions by end devices to check if they matched the estimated ones prior to installation. End devices don’t support SNMP.

Being new to SNMP, I dug around this forum and finally tried PRTG. Installation was fine and Auto-discovery found by itself the Ethernet and RF interfaces for each AP and SM, noted as 001 (None) and 002 (None) respectively. Surprisingly, the traffic in and out each interface is much more less than expected.

I wondered if these automatics added counters were reliable and checked and used the Canopy MIB definitions as explained in other posts in this forum. Now I’m able to get useful info Auto-discovery didn’t offer, such as Received Power, frequencies and so on, which matches what I can see when logging in the unit via http, so I guess the way I setup PRTG and used the MIBs is OK. But I still haven’t found the right Canopy MIBs counters for the current bandwidth (Kbps or Mbps) used in and out in each interface.

Are the automatic added counters reliable and so this is the current bandwidth? Or which are the right objects to choose from the Canopy MIBs? What’s your experiences about it?

Thank you all.


I can’t offer much help about interfacing directly with the Canopy equipment but I do know that Prizm presents all of its SNMP-derived graphs in Kilobytes per second instead of Kilobits per second. If you multiply the values you’re polling by 8 does that seem a little more accurate?

Last Friday I tried with CactiEZ. Nice free software, not so intuitive as PRTG (I never worked with Linux and the lot of apps coming in the distro, I always was a Windows user) but, after some mistakes and reconfigurations, is working right and, not surprisingly, showing the same used bandwidth as PRTG.

Good lesson about bandwidth learnt from SNMP managers, I wish I wondered earlier! Now I have to rearrange some concepts about devices in my installations.

Thank you.


i know that youve figured this out but could you tell me what MIB u used and how you setup the template it cacti? i just installed it and have been playing around but i can’t seem to figure out how to work the template or witch OID MIB to use to get the bandwidth use, which is all i want!

any help much appreciated

Hello, ATItech.

I used the generic SNMP profiles. As I told in my firt post, I don’t know for sure which of the Canopy MIBs counters are the right ones for bandwidth use.

The way I added devices was by entering parameters and selecting for Host Template: Generic SNMP-enabled host. Once device was created, I selected SNMP - Generice OID Template as Associated Graph Templates (SNMP - Interface Statistics was automatically selected as Associated Data Queries). Then I clicked on Create Graphs for this Host and selected the interfaces I was interested. Finally I added the device to a Device Tree and just waited for data to be collected.

I hope to have more time to explore CactiEZ, I would like to set it up to show more information such as frequencies, modulations, power, etc.

Hope this helps.