PtMP ePMP2000 Sector performance ( 1xePMP2000 & 3xePMP1000)

Hi all

I would appreciate your review on my lab testing related to GPS TDD ePMP2000  PtMP with 3x ePMP1000 CPE.

From my testing it seems that there is throughput degradation with every additional CPE to sector. 

Before I started I assumed there won't be any degradation more likely will be higher sector throughput due to 100Mbps Ethernet port on ePMP1000 CPE.

I attached here system drawing with all setting information.

Every CPE reached maximum air performance MCS15/MCS15 100% link quality

I decided to test only with packet size 1024 & 1522 Bytes because of ePMP PPS  limitation (~15K) results in poor performance (maximum throughput is very low ) with small packet sizes.

Have you also experienced  sector throughput degradation with every additional CPE?


What is your registered link distances ? These kinds of test are best when letting them do what they do naturally, no coax.

We have APs in the wild with 70 cpes attached and moving 120 Mbps downlink during peak, still have a little room left in the frame. I’ve never taken the time to measure with ap cpes completely active.

Another good test for you to do, cause one CPE to have awful link conditions and obverse those effects. And do that with competitive equipment.

That’s when you’ll see the epmp shine.

As a whole system (multiple towers and hundreds of cpes), I haven’t seen anything in the epmp price range touch it.


Tnx Chris_Bay 

The distanse is left auto (less than 1Km). 

I guess you are using CBE 40MHz , Ratio 75/25%, TDD 5mSec with an avarege packets size >1000 Bytes.

 You wrote "still have a little room left in the frame", where can I see this info on webpage? 

I would appriciate if anyone else can comment about sector throughput degradation versus number of CPE's connected 

The frame utilization is at the very bottom of monitor > performance.

We do run 40mhz channel as needed and all towers are 75/25 and 5ms frames.