PTP 1+1 820G How can I change the Vlan on my In-Band Management?


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right now I have my my radios set for in-band management on port 1 with Vlan set to 1 and need to change it to 2. I can't find away to change it in the GUI. I have tried to go thru the wizard but it wont let me unless I start all over from scratch. I would imagine there is a simple way to change the Vlan.

Hi Seahawks,

You're right, there is a simple way to change the VLAN on a service point.  You can edit the service point parameters from the GUI under Ethernet > Services.  Select the MNG service and click the Service Points button.  Then select the Radio port you want to change and click Edit.  From here you can change the C-Vlan to a new value and Apply.  Remember to always change the far end of the link first to avoid a drive to the site.  If you get an error when trying to change the VLAN, you might need to upgrade.  Changing VLANs without removing and re-adding the service point was not allowed in earlier releases.


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