PTP 100 full behaving like a 10mb radio

I have a PTP 100 full 2.4GHz currently installed. Theoretically, I am supposed to get full throughput of 14MB. however when i test using the link capacity test, i am getting total throughput of less than 7MB. i have a jitter of 2 and the radios are only 200meters apart. Any reason why its behaving like that ?

Everything is OK.

You have 7 mb uplink and 7 mb dowlink. You can change dowlink/uplink Configuration => Radio => Downlink Data in master

May we know the downlink efficiency and the uplink efficiency as well.

Did someone leave it in 1X mode?

thanks guys. i got it resolved by changing the mac control parameters to 1x/2x. then I got the actual 7mb up/7mb down.