Ptp 100 km link Advice

Hi cambium people.

This is teh first time I'm gonna deploy a ptp650 solution and wanna make sure every single detail goes right.

1. I need Tdm OIP, 1 E1

2. I need at least 20 mbps of data over a 100km link .(LoS perfect)

What should I buy?

ptp650L? or ptp650? (Already have 2 3ft dishes).

Should I buy any aditional licese ?

2 IDU's?

2 Ac to dc cambium injectors?

2 surge  and  lightning Arresters?

Any thing else?

I would really appreciate some advice.


Hi. I am glad to hear that you are looking to build a long link. You will want to start by downloading the free LINKPlanner software to help you plan the details. You can find LINKPlanner at 

You may also want to check out our latest LINKPlanner webinar HERE.


Thank you very much for pointing out link planner, you are right , every thing needed is there.

I'll post some pics when the project is done.