PTP 230 Transmit Power

I was looking at the spec sheet for the PTP230… I had the feeling that the transmit power on the 5.4 band is less than on the 5.8 band. The specs don’t indicate one way or the other. Does anyone know if this is true? In United States.

Thank you.

Yes 5.4 GHz has a lower maximum EIRP than 5.8 GHz. Both FCC and IC up here have this requirement.

Thanks for the help. Any idea what the max power level is on 5.4?

I think the max EIRP is 30 dBm. With a 20 dBi antenna you should only be able to set like 10 dB gain. I’m not familiar with the PTP230 hardware so I have no idea if there’s an integrated antenna or if you get to wire up your own monstrosity.

We’ve used 5.4 for only very short links. The radar detection makes it a pain on lengths greater than excellent. Though I think the practical implementation of the radar detection varies from vendor to vendor, we don’t have any Moto 5.4 stuff. Beware of self interference… a signal reflection can kick off the radar detection and kill your link.

We’ve found a similar problem with other links in the past using some of the bigger OFDMs and radar detection issues. I appreciate the help, thank you very much.

We ended up going with the 5.8 version and put them into service late last week using the dish-type antennas. So far they have been working very well.