PTP 250 java update in next firmware possible ? Java in 02-14 is not supported anymore.

Good morning,

we are using about 15 links between shops & drives. All are using 02-14 with very few problems, only java thay is causing trouble to open web administration page and sometimes links do not want to operate their lan at 1 Gbe when using lightning surge protector.

So I would like to ask you if it could be possible to develope a new firmware including an updated version of java.

For new briddges, we use now PTP650L, and we are really satisfied, but we have to manage these PTP250.

I have you have have solution.

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Hi Stephane,

As of right now we do not have plans to release another version of firmware for the PTP 250.  If we do create another release we will incorporate this request into that version.



PTP250 seriously needs a firmware upgrade to make it compatible with current Java.

We spend more time supporting field personnel installing old Java on their computers now than we spend actually managing the PTP250s…