PTP 425 Have not Downlink/Uplink Ratio Configuration enabled

Hello. I have used two Forces 425 devices for a PTP.
In the Radio Configuration, the device Haven’t enable the Downlink/Uplink Ratio option to configure.

I need more Mbps in Downlink than Upstream, and I Haven’t the option that I told them before.

Did someone see a problem like this?


e4k radios currently do not support TDD mode, which allows for defining an downlink/uplink ratio. TDD support is currently in beta testing on the 5.6.x firmware train.

Hello, Eric, Thanks for your aswer.
Do you know aproximately when will be available the 5.6.x version?

TDD testing is going well. I think there will be a public beta soon… I think the hope is that it’s working decently by the end of the year.

Ok Thanks so much @Eric_Ozrelic !