PTP 450 900 POE pinout for Netonix switch (C009045B001A)

What is the pinout required to power this guy from a netonix switch? The standard  Orangewhite/Orange pinout is not powering it. 

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Joe, did you ever determine the proper pinout for the 450i 900 AP?

Yes, its been a while but if memory serves me correctly you need to change the pattern on one end only. 

Orange White


Green White

Brown White




Blue White

Can this be confirmed? I need to use DC to power this radio and not the injector (no AC available) but I don’t want to risk letting the smoke out of the unit with improper POE wiring. Has anyone had success with this wiring scheme?

If you are using T568B as your wiring pattern just swap the blue and brown pairs on one end of the cable. It is reverse polarity compared to “typical” passive POE radios. The 450i 900 PTP radio needs 24v. Putting it on a 48v port will let the magic smoke out.

Thank you so much. It can be so difficult to get the smoke back in once it escapes!