PTP 450 Radios in Canada Should Enforce IC Regulations

Cambium Networks is issuing the following Field Service Bulletin:

Document Number:

FSB 9070


PTP 450 Radios in Canada should enforce IC regulations


Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada Radio Standard Specification RSS-247 Iss2 does not permit the ‘capability’ of transmitting in the 600-5650 MHz band. For compliance with ISED standards all PTP 450 radios used in Canada must apply the Country License Key for Canada

Current Status of Investigation:

Ensure that all PTP 450 Radios deployed in Canada are installed with the Country License key for Canada

Recommendation / Resolution:

If PTP 450 Radio are deployed in Canada, the country code on the Radio must use a license derived from Country “Canada”:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the Radio MAC address, choose the Country name as “Canada” and Submit. The Canada License Key will be generated and made available for download.

Step 3: Login to the radio, follow the steps in the 15.1.1 PTP 450 User Guide Chapter 7: General Configuration to start the Installation Wizard and enter the new Canada License Key.


To ensure compliance with local regulations the End User/Installer of the Radio is responsible for ensuring that the Radio is installed in accordance with the Installation Instructions.

The FSB (FSB9070) is attached here for reference.