PTP 450 - reboot every 24 hours


A customer has point-to-point link with PTP 450. The link is lest 30 meters  of distance (LOS) with firmware 14.1.1. 

we lost connection every day once a day after 24 hours exactly of last reboot (isn´t issues with energy in the place). 

why this happen?


Are you sure it's actually a reboot?  Or does it just reregister?  There is a setting in the Security tab of the Master to refresh the encryption key every 24 hours, and this will cause a rereg.

Yes, in Security tab I have "Airlnk Security" set "Enable" (see attchament). I need to encryption in the link but if set "Disable", Do I will lost the encryption?

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The pulldown to select DES or AES is what enables it for either algorithm.  The Enable/Disable check box is only for the 24 hour refresh of the key.