PTP 450i features webinar

The PTP 450i New Features webinar is here. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.


i would to thanks for your presentation

fistly, the Tool link planner Is it  special for the équipements of cambium only or i can used in our network when i have deferent supplier(combium….) in order to check & calcule the interférences between links,

what is the compatible format of antenna pattern and radio paramètre for équipements cambium, if there is possibility to work with (file NSMA,ASCII Format and .RAF)

(Antenna.dat  & Radio .Raf) in order to read them with the Atoll tool

About equipemnts  450i is it working as PMP or only PTP like terminal equipemnt ,and how to study the links PMP

Best Regards

Thank you Rafik,

LinkPlanner is specific to Cambium Network Radio products

We prefer our customer use Cambium Network Radio which are exhaustive list of antenna which are compatiable with our Radio, and in linkplanner we do have option of custom antenna pattern but you will need to fill in buch of information manually regardgin all of antenna pattern

Please refer to our Knowledge Base in Tab in Community website, we have lot of in depth information about PMP 450. Also keep an eye on our future webinar to learn more about our PMP product line.

Please let us know if you have any more questions