PTP 450i New Installation

Hi Guys,

I have 4 PTP links to be installed in a ring topology, using cnMatrix switches to run STP for controlling that ring..

so, appreciate if anyone can help me in how to configure the PTP 450i links i have, really appreciate your response/help..

man thanks in advance,


First step is to login to Cambium's downloads area and get CNUT and the 16.1 firmware update for the radios. Also grab the PMP 450x Configuration and User Guide 16.1, and PMP 450x Planning and Installation Guide 16.1. Follow instructions on using CNUT to update the radios to 16.1. Then follow instructions on setting up the radios for PtP use.

A few suggestions...

  • Try to use the smallest channel width that will satisify your bandwidth requirements
  • Try to use the lowest TX power that will give you an RSSI of -60. Using high gain antennas will help with this
  • If you're not using GPS sync with your radios, you'll need to make sure that you use a 20MHz or larger guard band between adjacent radios
  • Use/enable AES encryption
  • Disable 24 Hour Encryption Refresh
  • Setup a cnMaestro cloud account and onboard your PtP radios into this mgmt system
  • Don't let your radios get too far behind firmware-wise.
  • Cambium provides excellent support. Don't hesitate to open a support ticket for additional help

Hi Eric,

thanks alot for your response, really appreciate it. i will follow the steps you mentioned carefully for upgrading my PTP radios, but i was looking for a specific configuration instructions or guide that can walk me through the configuration.

i tried to search the internet looking for such guide or video that can be helpful, but wasn't lucky to find such one, so i really appreciate if you can advise with the such a materials that can be helpful in this topis..

thanks again, 


Unfortunately, guiding you from start to finish on configuring your links is beyond what I'm willing to go into in this forum. I suggest that you contact Cambium support, OR reach out to your Cambium Regional Technical Manager (RTM), OR you take an online training class for PXP450. Lastly, depending on who you're buying equipment from, if they're a VAR, you should be able to ask for them for assistance in getting up and running.