PTP 450i to Cisco Switch intermittent up down

Good day Cambium Community,

We are in the middle of new site integration using Cambium PTP 450i both side, and integrate it with Cisco 2960X (WS-C2960X-24TS-L) switch. At first the switch port that connected to PTP 450i cannot change to UP, after I hardcode the speed of 100 and full duplex, the switch port connected to PTP 450i changed to UP. Wireless link is established and traffic is passed. But it turns out that switch port is intermittently UP and DOWN.

What I've tried :

1. Make sure UTP cable is good --> Cisco IP Phone is working normal using the same UTP cable

2. Hardcode speed of 1000 mbps and full duplex --> port is down

3. Changed to Cross Cable --> port is down

4. Using unmanaged switch (Dlink DGS1008P at non POE port) as intermediary  --> Dlink port is amber

Any help would be appreciated.



What firmware are you using on the 450i? Are you using any inline ethernet lightning supression between the radio and the switch?

Eric, thank you very much, it was the arrester issue. Do you have any good spec arrester that works normally with any switch? Firmware is : CANOPY 15.1.2 BHUL450-None.

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Denny - The ALPU-F140 is a good all around arrestor. We actually recommend this LPU for our PTP820 if you are running Out of Band Managment.

Did you swap arrestors? What was your resolution?

Is it a POE switch?
I have had canopy radios do weird things on POE switches… Once I shut the POE off to the port, I never ever had a problem after that. Just a thought…