PTP 4600 error link Reason: 49 (INVALID SECURITY KEY)

The EPMP 4600 worked stably for two weeks, but now every 12-14 hours was disconnected for 2 minutes and reconnected.

ON SM device logs
Nov 9 18:55:52 kernel: [2510663.920301] SM associated with AP[bc:e6:7c:90:5e:91]
Nov 9 18:54:01 kernel: [2510553.582542] wlan: [0:I:ANY] ieee80211_assoc_state_run_event: ieee80211_assoc_state_run_event: vap: 0(0x943a8000) event: 2
Nov 9 18:54:01 kernel: [2510553.574172] SM disassociated from AP[bc:e6:7c:90:5e:91] F=6900 11axahe80. Reason: 49 (INVALID SECURITY KEY)

Had the same thing when connecting the SM’s. Ended up having to put the AP to open and SM to open. I know that the passkey was correct, I literally stared at it for 30 minutes comparing the two on the bench. Thought it was a fluke, deployed it with a couple different SM’s and same thing happened across 2 different APs. Our tech encountered the same thing. Only thing ive found to get around it is to set it to open. Not the safest thing, but in my scenario i literally had no choice

Cambium, what can you say about it?

Hi, Maxim

Would you mind creating a ticket, that we could study your particular case in details?


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Hi, i have same issue, first whit micropop3000(the soluition was replace it), now i have the problem whit 4600c, cambium have a solution?, or the device go direct to rma?